Collingwood Real Estate

Collingwood is located in Ontario, Canada. The proximity to Toronto, the water and the extremely beautiful and popular Blue Mountain Ski Resort make it an appealing place to live. It offers the comforts of suburban living but is still a commutable distance from Toronto. With the increasing prices of Toronto real estate, people are turning more and more to surrounding areas like Collingwood. In addition to these people, Collingwood is known to be home to a wealthier demographic and has an abundance of seasonal homes as well. The median price of a house is actually 449,000 dollars, which puts it in the top 20% in terms of prices in the entire country (Canada’s median price is actually only around 290k).

Over recent years, the number of properties on the market has decreased which means that prices have and will continue to increase as the options decrease for the increasing number of buyers. 3 bedroom houses appear to be the hotspot on the market. The monthly growth of house prices is 248% which is both impressive and should caution buyers.

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Other notable trends include the increase in condo seekers. As Collingwood becomes a more urban centre and as people continue to seek seasonal homes and commuter homes as well, Condos are sought most often near the village (Blue Mountain Village). Interestingly, there was little in terms of listings so the demand cannot be measured and definitely cannot be met.

The most important trend, especially for buyers, is the continuous decrease in supply. Currently, there is enough inventory to supply approximately 2 and a half months of demand whereas, at the same time last year, there was enough for 6 months. The only thing that can and will turn this trend around as well as help balance prices, is a drastic increase in supply.