Tips for Picking an Apartment that is Right for You

When apartment hunting, there are a few, very important considerations beyond the budget and location, and about the actual apartment building that can help refine your decision and make sure that you end up in a place that is perfect for you:

1) New or Old; It is important to decide if you are looking for an older building, often these places have lots of character and can often be larger in square footage as well. The larger size is a bonus of older apartment buildings, as well as nice architecture, often prime locations as well. On the flip side, newer apartment buildings tend to have more amenities, newer appliances and heating/cooling.

2) The Size of the Building; Do you want to live in a high rise, low rise, basement, house, etc. Once again, high rise buildings have amenities and features whereas low rise may not have amenities but are smaller, without many neighbors. Both offer benefits and disadvantages, it is a matter of personal preference and other factors that are important to you.

3) The Landlord; Is the building owned by a company or independently, is there a property manager/rental office on site? Do you know anything about the landlord? It is important that the landlord is accessible but respectful. Often highrise and newer buildings have facility staff right on site whereas low rise and houses often require you to call the landlord in the case you need him.

4)Parking; Do you have a car? If so, does the apartment have parking, is it free or an additional cost? Is it indoor or outdoor? If the building does not offer or have any available parking, is there street parking nearby? Though it may not seem like a big deal at the time, parking can become an onerous task that you may wish you had looked into sooner.