Why You Should Consider Building Your Own House

When looking at the decision between buying and building a house, obviously there are a number of factors to consider; budget, time, family, location, the housing market, and the list goes on. The decision ultimately comes down to what is best for you but many people shy away from building their own house with the false idea that the time and money are too much/too risky. Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying your own house:

  • High Risk =High Reward; The time you spend on the house will make it so much more valuable to you and those who live in the house, everything will have a story or a purpose and the feeling of accomplishment will be overwhelming. The house will hold a large sentimental value outside of its monetary value.
  • It’s Actually Very Cost Effective; though it may seem financially daunting to build your own house, the reality is that it is not. Contractors fees are typically in the range of 25% of labour, materials, land,etc. and in addition, a new house means more energy efficiency thereby reducing bills and money wasted. The same goes for appliances. One more glaringly obvious cost benefit is NO MORTGAGE.
  • It’s a Challenge; if you’re considering retirement,you have worked the same job forever, or you simply enjoy a challenge, building a house offers an exciting project. There are lots of learning opportunities for those of all ages and chances to better ones skills in many areas.
  • Your House, YOUR choice; building your own house means that everything you touch, you picked, from paint to counter tops all the way to ceiling height, it is all exactly how you envisioned your home. This means no compromising when house shopping or prioritizing your list of needs/wants, you get it all exactly how you want!